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SEO Specialist

Looking for SEO Specialist that can do the following factors and can help us optimize website, and boost keyword rankings mainly on Google and etc Bing, Yahoo.

On-page optimization
– Title tags, meta description, image alt attribute
– knows how to index websites in Google Search Console
– knows how to use and implement Google Analytics
– can do site audit and website reports
– building backlinks in off page sites is a plus
– can write articles for SEO is plus too
– can determine issues why rankings are low
– help us improve pages and posts visibility on Google
– can help us grow traffic.

If you have other effective strategies you can share to us we would love to hear those methods.

SEO Specialist Job Description

Reponsible for analyzing website, and implementing SEO factors in both On-page and Off Page actionable plans. Professional, flexible, orgazined, intellegent, and proficient SEO Strategist. A meticulous Search Engine Optimization Specialist with professional experience in conducting website audit, keyword research, content optimization, website report, building backlinks, and On-Page optimization. Devoted to improving organic search visibility and increase keyword rankings in different search engines.

Key Functional Areas of Responsibility
* Conduct SEO Website Audit
* Fix On-Page issues such as; Duplicate H1, Duplicate Content, Missing H1, Create Title and Meta Description, Create Image Alt Attribute etc.
* Knowlegeable in keyword researching, keyword volume, investigate competitor keywords, LSI, Long-tail keywords, and content optimization.
* Research and analyze competitor strategies
* Familiarization in both Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Website Indexing, Sitemap Submission
* Experience with different website optimization tools
* Professional in creating Website Reports, and Monthly Reports
* Knowlegeable in White Hat Strategies; Building backlinks, Website Submission, Profile Creation, Local Citation etc.
* Track website performance and develop new processes to improve

Professional Skills & Qualifications
* 1 – 2 years experience in Search Engine Optimization
* Proficiency in MS Excel, Word, Google Spreadsheet, Google Docs, and Google Drive
* Experience working with popular keyword tools (Google Keyword Planner, WordTracker, Ubbersuggest etc)
* Knows how to communicate in Slack and Whatsapp
* Excellent in both verbal and written communication skill

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